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Fresh News

What a busy and exciting couple of months! We are all set up in our new ‘soap shed’ and have been busy making lots of soap ready for the start of the farmers market season. It is a joy spending our time making the beautiful Farmer Jane soaps and we’ve built up our stocks of all your favorites as well as some new scents (can’t wait to share them with you soon!)

We will be kicking of the spring season at the Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest at Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC. This great event celebrates some of the best cheese makers in the south – cow, goat and sheep milk in a multitude of styles, along with breads, meats, jams and mustards to go with it. It is a great family day, with music, workshops, demonstrations, animals and lots of cheese! Farmer Jane will be there selling our goat milk soaps and we will be on stage doing a soap making demo!!! Come down and join us, April 24 from 12 – 4 p.m. Visit their website for details

We are very happy to announce that we will be back at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market and Fairview Farmers Market. Both start on May 7 and we will be there throughout the summer and fall. We can’t wait to get out and meet all our customers face to face, please do come by and say hi!

In the meantime we will continue making soap! Lots of soap!

Soap of the Month

This month we are highlighting our beloved Facial soap. We make this soap extra beneficial for your skin by using carrot seed, rose geranium, palmarosa, and lavender essential oils. Carrot seed and rose geranium oils are both known to help fight wrinkles by nourishing, tightening, and rejuvenating skin. While palmarosa and lavender oils are great for helping dry, irritated skin. This soap is also made with white kaolin clay. Kaolin is a very gentle natural clay that is often used to purify and detox the skin. You definitely want to give this soap a try to help nourish your skin after a long, cold winter. For extra nourishment this soap pairs well with our Palmarosa- Carrot Seed Hand Salve, which can be used on hands, face, and any dry skin.

Our Ingredients

Our soaps are 100% natural, and are made with goat milk, mountain spring water, sodium hydroxide (lye), olive oil, organic sustainable (RFSO certified) palm oil, beeswax, castor oil, essential oils and a lot of love. We do not use any preservatives, hardeners, or fragrance oils. Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is saponified and neutralized by chemical reactions with fatty acids in oils when we make the soap.


Our DFTBA soap means Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, the mantra of founding co-owner Sydney Green’s sons Hank Green and John Green. Hank and John are known in part for their YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers and for the Nerdfighter community.